Aanc Lease Agreement

An NAA staff member will soon be using the account transfer process. If you have any questions about this transition, please contact Nicholas Tovar, NAA Commercial Director, at ntovar@naahq.org or (703) 797-0653 Following our previous message to users of the North Carolina Association (AANC) lease, The National Apartment Association (NAA) and AANC have announced the integration of the AANC Lease into the NAA North Carolina Click-Lease program, which provides current users of AANC Lease with the best features of both products, including legal compliance and the same state-of-the-art BlueMoon technology that is now available with NAA`s extended Litigation Defender Insurance to all USERS of NAA Click- Lease. From mid-May to July, when all AANC users actively use NAA Click-Lease, NAA will continue to provide legal training to AANC users as well as on-board webinars. As a reminder, the AANC lease is no longer available after July 11. The applicable language of AANC leasing forms has been incorporated into NAA Click – Lease. To better assist users of this transition, NAA has provided a webinar that provides an overview of the NAA North Carolina Lease Contract and Addenda, as well as a comparison of THE NAA and AANC leasing forms. There are also answers to frequently asked questions. During this session, changes/updates to the AANC and Addenda rentals will be processed. In addition, we will take a deep look at the rights and obligations of AANC Leasing. We will go through several interactive hypothetical situations that will begin with the application process until the end of the lease.

Under the leadership of Colleen Kochanek, Kochanek Law Group, the AANC lobbying team helps legislators know and understand how bills and problems can affect the housing sector. Read more AANC acts as a unique voice that represents the housing industry vis-à-vis the NC Legislature, nc Regulatory Bodies (including the NC Building Code Council, the NC Utilities Commission and many other NC departments) and the community. Our strength in numbers makes a difference because we together provide housing for more than 900,000 people in North Carolina and we represent nearly 500,000 units. Read more Todd went to UNC in Chapel Hill for his bachelor`s degree before going to Campbell University for The Law School, where he graduated. Residential rentals| Legal Handbook | Management FormsAANC`s resources in the AANC Residential Lease Agreement, AANC Legal Handbook and AANC Management Forms are adapted to changes in NC legislation and industry practices that are evolving and regularly updated. They are the best available and are an exclusive benefit of AANC membership. AANC a professional staff is available to meet the needs of members and keep the NC housing industry at the top of emerging trends. Learn More Todd Whitlow is a partner of Brownlee Whitlow – Praet, pllc, a law firm that provides a wide range of legal services for the multi-family industry in NC and SC. He is a member of the NAA Lease Advisory Committee and the AANC Member Services Committee. Todd is currently the General Counsel for TAAEF and Chair of the New Lease on Life Board, the TAA Transition Housing Program. Over the years, he has also been a member of the Board of Directors of the Triangle Apartments Association.