Art Consignment Agreement

15. Interest in safety. This is a legal clause protecting the artist, which stipulates that the artist`s owner the work is shipped until full payment. Few states have laws that protect an artist`s work on the air from the gallery`s creditors. This is an important reason why artists must use contracts with a security interest clause. The creditor`s rights are also cut off if there is a sign in the bleachers that says that the factory sold is on the air, but such signage is rarely used. When you start with Consignment Reports, you first get the basics. A mailing report must contain a mailing number that will help you and the gallery track a specific delivery, your contact information, the dealer or gallery contact information and the delivery date. You can create a record report to work on each of your sites by clicking on the locations in the left menu. In the gallery or in the retailer for which you want to create a report, click the Grey Reports button and select The Send Report in the drop-down menu.

The aim is to confirm the reception on air of the following works of art. Artists should list both the wholesale and retail prices for the convenience of the gallery and avoid any misunderstandings. If you are going into business with a gallery, make sure you have a conversation above expectations and bring it down in your consignment contract. When you leave a gallery for the first time, clarifying expectations shows that you are a professional. Galleries will be more likely to approach you in the future. 7. Fiduciary responsibility. This clause relates to the ownership of the work of art and the tax liability of the gallery to the artist. It makes it clear that the mailing work is the property of the artist and cannot be taken care of by the creditors when the gallery goes bankrupt. Most galleries do not buy work directly. Instead, they accept «on-air» work. In fact, they borrow works by artists for the exhibition in the gallery and pay the artist only if he sells.

This plan limits the gallery`s capital costs, allowing them to devote more of its resources to paying rent, staff, advertising or other activity costs. Artwork Archive`s reporting features help artists free up hundreds of hours with easy-to-generate stories that can be created with just a few clicks. 6. Accounting. It is a good business practice for both the artist and the gallery to regularly compare the list of inventories.